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Geronimo and the Apache Resistance (1988)
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Geronimo and the Apache Resistance (1988)

American Experience

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It was said that Geronimo, the legendary Apache, had magical powers-that he could see into the future, walk without creating footprints, even hold off the dawn to protect his own forces. In 1886, the United States government mobilised 5,000 men – nearly one-quarter of the entire US Army-to capture Geronimo and his band of 39 followers.

For decades, these Apaches had resisted the advance of pioneers and other threats to their traditional way of life, fighting attempts by the federal government to confine them to reservations. This AMERICAN EXPERIENCE film is a search to separate myth from reality; a search for an understanding of the people who once ruled much of the American Southwest and of those with whom they came into conflict.

It is the story of a tragic collision of two civilisations, each with dramatically different views of the world and startlingly different views of each other. And it is the story of Geronimo, the Apache leader who fought the longest, becoming one of the most famous, feared, and misunderstood Indian warriors in our history.

IMDB (6.4)

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