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The Gulf War (1996)
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The Gulf War (1996)

Frontline: an in-depth examination of the 1990 - 1991 persian gulf crisis

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The 1990-’91 war in the Persian Gulf over Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait, over oil and over the threat to both the Middle East and to the entire world, remains a fuzzy living room memory for many unassociated people with impressions of rolling tanks, zooming jets, flaming oil wells and President Bush, Gen.Norman Schwartzkopf and Saddam Hussein.

Remedying this, “Frontline” hands down a brisk, insightful and absorbing account of the whys and wherefores of a conflict whose true outcome still remains a question. Different points of view between Gen. Colin Powell, a major figure in the political action, and allied commander Schwartzkopf over the importance of Scud missiles and other strategy resurface. Margaret Thatcher vehemently defends Bush’s stand on Iraq, and Robert MacNamara and Powell are heard backing the sanctions that caused so much dissension.

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