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The Cross Dressing Cannibal (2013)
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The Cross Dressing Cannibal (2013)

Born To Kill

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The strange sight of 47-year-old handcuffed Hadden Clark surrounded by police walking through the woods while wearing a woman’s wig must have puzzled many Cape Cod residents on the morning of April 9, 2000.

The man, a cross-dressing cannibal killer convicted in Maryland of two murders, was looking for the graves of two women he claimed to have buried nearly two decades ago. The woods, located in the town of Wellfleet, were part of a 7.3-acre property once owned by his grandfather, Silas Clark. Though Clark grew up in Pennsylvania, the alleged serial killer spent his summers in Wellfleet where he worked in restaurants.

Clark also met with authorities in Meriden, Connecticut, where he claims to have buried another body around 1980 in a family property owned by his maternal grandfather Maynard Scranton.

According to Maryland prison authorities Clark told a fellow inmate whom he believes is Jesus Christ that he killed as many as a dozen women and girls along the Eastern Seaboard between the mid-70s and 1993, the year he was arrested.

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