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Happy Face Killer: Keith Jesperson (2015)

Monster in My Family

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Police think that Keith Jesperson’s career as a serial killer first began in 1990. At the time, he was working as a truck driver, passing through small towns all throughout the country, where he picked up women, had sex with them, and then murdered them before dumping their bodies in other small towns far away.

His first victim was Taunja Bennett. She was 23-years-old and mildly retarded. Jesperson picked her up in a Portland, Oregan bar. They went back to his place and had sex before he beat and strangled her to death. He then drove east, just far enough away from town, where he dumped her body in an embankment. He then drove even further out, where he disposed of her purse and walkman in a river before stopping for a cup of coffee.

In an odd twist of events, a woman named Laverne Pavlinac read about Bennett’s murder in a local paper and then falsely confessed to the crime. She later said that she hoped to pin the crime on her abusive boyfriend, John Sosnovske, in an attempt to get out of the relationship. She told police that he’d murdered Bennett and forced her to help him dispose of the body. Sosnovske was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison. Pavlinac also received 10 years for alleged participation.

Thanks to Pavlinac’s unintended cover, Keith Jesperson continued his methodical murdering, which he chillingly described for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He left a trail of bodies throughout Washington, Wyoming, Nebraska, and even down through Florida.

Finally, in 1995, he was picked up for the murder of his girlfriend, Julie Ann Winningham.

Jesperson had no trouble confessing to the murder. Apparently, he’d been boasting about his homicidal exploits since Bennett, when he left a confession on the wall of a truck stop bathroom along with his infamous tag line — a happy face. However, the cryptic message didn’t elicit the sort of police chase or media frenzy Jesperson had hoped for. That’s when Jesperson decided to up the stakes and began sending confessions to news outlets as well as police departments across the country.

He always signed his letters with a happy face, thus becoming the “happy face killer.”

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  • Forgeahead

    Melissa Moore appears to relish the attention of what her father did as much as he relishes it. She keeps his story alive gaining money from her book, interviews, etc. I read her book in one day it’s more about her than anything. It was drab having little to no conscience herself telling her one story about kittens but seeming to have no more feeling than what he did in this 2015 interview. The tears are pointless and unconvincing. What he was doing barely touched her life and while no one wants to be the daughter of a serial killer, why not let his memory die? I think that she is just about as diabolical as he is and seemingly is bragging about it at times. She sufferred nothing anywhere near what the victims suffered at his hands. I just want her to shut up and let all of this focus on herself and her father be put away. She said, “sorry” now go away!!! He should have received the death sentence just the way that his victims did. Let him melt and die by never mentioning him again, instead of bringing the focus back on them (she and her dad) again and again.


      How shallow you are to have judged another for another’s crimes no matter HOW big or small. How shallow of u to take the time to tear someone down as part of your day. How shallow. How shameful. #sheffsuave