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The Hunt for Ted Bundy (2015)

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This insider documentary presents testimony from the perspective of the detectives whose lives and careers are indelibly linked to Ted Bundy. Former Detectives Kathy McChesney and Bob Keppel candidly divulge into details about their years-long manhunt for one of history’s most notorious Serial Killers. Through case materials, letters and keepsakes, Dr. Robert H. Keppel relives his personal experiences and encounters with Bundy. “Everything Ted Bundy did was a game”, Dr. Keppel says in the one-hour documentary. Additionally, this is the first time that Sande Keppel, Bob Keppel’s wife, has been interviewed and spoken about her husband’s career defining encounters with Ted Bundy. It is the first time she has provided personal insight into the Bundy detective story, behind the scenes.

World-famous homicide detective Bob Keppel re-opens his personal casebook and delves back into the groundbreaking 1974 serial murder case that redefined homicide investigation. An investigation that would unearth the bodies of thirty murdered women, see two daring prison escapes and witness the bloody aftermath of a desperate sorority house massacre that chilled the heart of 1970s America. Featuring rare film archive, actual case documents, original death row recordings and the first ever filmed interview with Bob’s wife Sande, THE HUNT FOR TED BUNDY is the definitive study of the crimes of charismatic showman and prolific serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy.

IMDB (7.6)

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