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Inside Kenya’s Death Squads (2014)
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Inside Kenya’s Death Squads (2014)


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The “inside Kenya’s death squads” exposé by Al Jazeera features hidden images of security officers who are drawn from GSU’s recce company, Anti Terror Police Unit (ATPU), National Intelligence Service (NIS) and other elite police squads who confess to killing numerous radical Muslims including Sheikh Abubakar Shariff Makaburi and Sheikh Aboud Rogo

The officers also admit that they got their training from foreign security agencies, among them the British MI5 and Mossad of Israel.

However, many Kenyans have been angered by the documentary which seems to portray the police as ‘bad people’ and the Muslim radicals as innocent victims of police brutality. Most argue that the only way to deal with terrorists in Kenya is through the elimination method as mentioned by all the officers who appeared on the Al Jazeera documentary.

Kenya Death Squad @ aljazeera