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Inside Shin Bet (2013)
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Inside Shin Bet (2013)

Al Jazeera World

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Inside Shin Bet (2013) – An investigation into the methods used by Israel’s controversial internal security service. Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet, or Shabak as it is known in both Hebrew and Arabic, is one of the three branches of the Israeli General Security Service (GSS). Through personal accounts – from two former Shin Bet detainees, a former agency officer, Palestinian-Israeli lawyers and Israeli legal experts and politicians – Al Jazeera World examines the controversial organisation’s methods, powers and history.

In 2010, Shireen Essawi was stopped at a checkpoint in Jerusalem and asked for her ID. “I gave the Israeli soldier my ID. He said that I couldn’t pass and have to take a detour. I asked for directions. He screamed suddenly and told me I was under arrest for three hours.

They put me inside a small room near the checkpoint with large windows. Later a jeep came and they transferred me to a Jabal al-Mukaber police station. Someone identified himself as an officer. He didn’t mention his name. No charges were mentioned. Only that I’ll be transferred to Talpiot police station. In Talpiot they interrogated me and accused me of owning a knife, which I didn’t. I was under arrest for 24 hours and would be transferred to Maskobiyeh Detention Center. They handcuffed and blindfolded me. Later on, I realised I was in an interrogation room. They removed the blindfold. An interrogator said: ‘Welcome, we’ve been expecting you for a long time.’

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