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Internet Insanity: Randy Stair (2017)
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Internet Insanity: Randy Stair (2017)

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Randy Stair, who went on a shooting rampage that killed three employees at a grocery store in rural Pennsylvania, has a disturbing YouTube history.

In a series of animated YouTube cartoons called Ember’s Ghost Squad, Stair — who posted under the name “Andrew Blaze” — told a fictional story of a group of teenage characters that culminates in a horrific high school shooting heavily inspired by the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

Posting under his pseudonym, Stair, who was a “Brony” active in the My Little Pony fandom, posted a countdown to the massacre on Twitter in the days and weeks before he went on the shooting rampage in Tunkhannock. He ultimately committed suicide by shooting himself after murdering three of his co-workers.

On his now-deleted Facebook page, the 24-year-old Stair asked his fans to mark June 7 as a special date because “you won’t witness anything quite like this again; just sayin.” Perhaps wanting to leave a mark on history with his terribly produced videos, Stair released his 42-minute magnum opus to coincide with the shooting. Stair uploaded the final video hours before the Weis Market grocery store shooting, titling it “Goodbye.”

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