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The Backpacker Murderer (2006)
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The Backpacker Murderer (2006)

TV-Show: Crimes That Shook the World aka Serial Killers

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Using real police video material, archive news footage and dramatic reconstruction, Crimes That Shook The World tells the stories of world-renowned serial killers such as Australian Ivan Milat.

Convicted of the murder of seven backpackers in July 1995, Milat’s killings occurred throughout the early 90s and were invariably of young travellers from all over the world.

Milat’s terrible actions – which earned him life in jail – inspired the grisly horror flick Wolf Creek, cast a permanent pall over the Belanglo State Forest, and scared off thousands of tourist planning to visit Australia.

So what drove this psychotic killer to commit such unthinkable acts, and what effect did they have on Australia?

IMDB (8.3)

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