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The Wolf of Queensland (2015)
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The Wolf of Queensland (2015)

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The national regulator is investigating claims a Brisbane training organisation linked to the Wolf of Wall Street is handing out qualifications without training.

60 Minutes on Sunday night reported Brendale-based Face to Face Training Services was using high-pressure tactics to recruit students before a simple “tick and flick” to award qualifications.

In one stark example, former trainee Dave Blake told the program he was certified to drive a 30-tonne excavator, despite never having been inside one.

“I have never even sat in the seat,” he said.

Convicted fraudster Jordan Belfort, the so-called Wolf of Wall Street, is consulting for the company, which is run by CEO Paul Conquest and reportedly received almost $18 million of taxpayers’ money last financial year.

Former FTF employee Donna Hedley told 60 Minutes staff were taught to “high pressure” people into the “tick and flick” training program.

“Tick and flick is when the trainer goes onto site and just stands there and speaks to him and goes, ‘Yep’,” she said.

“And whatever the person says is marked off as legitimate. And then it’s, ‘Thank you, goodbye’ And that person receives a qualification.

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