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The Last Defense: Darlie Routier – Season 1 (2018)
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The Last Defense: Darlie Routier – Season 1 (2018)

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In recent years, true crime has been a hot genre. From the runaway success of podcasts like Serial to Netflix’s Making a Murderer, audiences have shown an appetite for deep dives into controversial cases and critiques on our criminal justice system. Tonight, ABC enters the ring with their new docuseries program The Last Defense.

Executive produced by How to Get Away with Murder star Viola Davis, The Last Defense shares the stories of death row inmates who have maintained their innocence and whose convictions may deserve another look. First up is the case of Darlie Routier — a Texas mother found guilty of murdering her two children, although she claims the heinous crime was done at the hands of an intruder who broke into their home. Throughout the first four episodes of the series, the show looks at the details of the crime, a piece-by-piece examination of the evidence presented at trial and what it means, and the efforts that have been made to appeal Routier’s conviction since.

IMDB (7.1)

Episode 1: The Crime

A Dallas housewife is sentenced to death in 1997 for the murder of her two sons; her husband details the events leading to her arrest.

Episode 2: The Trial

Amid a media frenzy, Darlie Routier’s trial begins in the small, conservative town of Kerrville, Texas. Prosecutors know they will be up against a formidable adversary when Darlie’s family hires one of Dallas’ top attorneys, Doug Mulder. For the first time in the series, we hear from Darlie on death row and her first-hand account of what happened that night, an account investigators say was 100% fabricated after Darlie staged the crime scene. The state’s investigators will present its evidence pointing to Darlie as the killer, but 20 years later, defense experts examine their theories, one by one.

Episode 3: The Woman

The trial of Darlie Routier heats up. Facing one of Texas’ top defense lawyers, the prosecution argues that Darlie’s actions and demeanor are not that of a grieving mother but of a person capable of murdering her own children. The defense strikes back by questioning the state’s theory of motive and the characterization of Darlie. However, when the prosecution presents a video of Darlie having a party at her children’s gravesite, and it seems her fate is sealed.

Episode 4: The Fight

Darlie’s current defense team explores alternative theories that the jury may not have fully considered and lays out their strategy for a retrial. With Darlie’s execution impending, she and Darin reveal the agony of love under a death sentence.

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