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Levi Bellfield (2014)
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Levi Bellfield (2014)

Born To Kill

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Levi Bellfield is one of the most dangerous serial killers to have ever stalked Britain. No one knows when he began hating women, particularly blonde women. Or when he started preying at them: stalking lone females, tracking them down, sexual abusing and slaughtering them. But as time went by, Bellfield’s hatred intensified, and his killing escalated. His reign of terror finally ended with his arrest in November 2004, but he’d left a trail of victims behind him, including a tragic mystery that would take nearly 10 years to solve.

Levi Bellfield was born in Isleworth, south west London, in May 1968. He had a gypsy background, saw himself as a Jack the Lad type, and often had a string of lovers. Yet he could be violent and controlling toward his partners, and was said to have an unhealthy interest in sex. By the time he was arrested it is thought he had at least 11 children from five women.

Still, Bellfield, a 6ft 1in, 20-stone former bodybuilder and bouncer, would seek out younger and younger women. The wheel-clamper would drive around in a succession of old cars or vans, often adapted with blacked out windows, chatting to girls at bus stops. He’d seek out vulnerable women, tempt them into the back seat with drink or drugs. According to DCI Colin Sutton, who led the police investigation, Bellfield had a ‘massive ego to feed’. ‘He thinks he’s God’s gift to everyone,’ he added.

So when a girl turned down Levi Bellfield, or slighted him in some way, he exploded with violence. Eventually, his hatred turned him into a murderer. He’d stalk lone, blonde women late at night, often on buses, wait for them to disembark, park up his vehicle, and chase them down. He’d then whack them over the back of the head with a hammer or bat – whatever he had to hand – leaving them dead, or dying.

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