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Love You To Death: A Year of Domestic Violence (2015)
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Love You To Death: A Year of Domestic Violence (2015)


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Between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2013, 164 women were murdered in Britain. Of those 164, 86 died at the hands of a male partner or ex-partner. Some had suffered years of abuse before being brutally murdered. Some were killed when someone “snapped”. Others were slaughtered for saying they wanted a relationship to end.

These terrifying statistics – and the even more terrifying circumstances surrounding them – were revealed last night as part of the powerful BBC drama Love You to Death: a Year of Domestic Violence.

Made by Vanessa Engle, this was a truly moving and utterly horrifying look at how so many people’s lives have been turned upside down by acts of needless violence allegedly committed in the name of love.

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