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Making a Buck (2001)
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Making a Buck (2001)

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This documentary looks at the fascinating crime of counterfeiting money, focusing on the vulnerability of the paper banknotes of the United States and Britain. The program starts with the story of “John”, a modern-day counterfeiter who Xeroxed U.S. $50 and $100 dollar bills. After a brief discussion of the history of the earliest coins (and the first counterfeits) from the Greek province of Lydia in the 6th century B.C., we return to colonial America. The British attempted to copy the paper money of the rebellious colonists, in hopes of wrecking the economy of the new nation. The period of American history between the Revolution and the Civil War is known as the “golden age of counterfeiting”, since there existed hundreds of different kinds of paper money issued by local banks, but no centralized currency. During that era, a mysterious couple traveled to Ohio and built the only house in the USA designed from the ground up for the purpose of creating fake money — the Counterfeit House !

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