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Manhunt: The Search for the Yorkshire Ripper (1999)
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Manhunt: The Search for the Yorkshire Ripper (1999)

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Manhunt  made for uncomfortable viewing. The physical grimness of the interviewees, the ugliness of the locations, the crudity of the investigative technology, the belligerence of the murder weapons. Ripper survivor Jane Bower had the kind of demeanour that had never seen youth. One was forced to question for a moment what it had been that had selected her for Sutcliffe’s attentions. As she related her experience, describing the disorientation of her encounter (“I kept falling down, wondering what was wrong with me”) the cruel absurdity of the situation was apparent and left one feeling fearfully exposed. Yet the understated manner in which she recounted her story, was both compelling and telling. The Ripper tale (like that of any serial killer) is that of the violent intrusion into the mundane; and director Gwyneth Hughes ensured that the recounting of the events never drifted in to hyperbole or postulation. There was no romanticism about this documentary, nor should there be. The victims were neither martyrs nor special; the murderer neither enigmatic nor demonic, and the investigating officers never parodic or culpable.In fact, the recounting of the police investigation became the most provocative element of the documentary.

IMDB (8.0/10)

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