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Manson (1973)
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Manson (1973)

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Opening with a monologue that features Sandra Good claiming: “when somebody needs to be killed, there’s no wrong, you do it,” Manson is an ominous peek inside Charles Manson and his “Family.” Taking place after Manson and the Tate-LaBianca killers had been arrested, co-director Hendrickson spent two years living with the “Family.”

During that time he collected interviews with both former and, at the time, current “Family” members and acquaintances to bring some understanding to the crimes and Manson himself.

Though it contains an exploitive style retelling of the crimes, the interviews create a fascinating insight to Manson and his followers that is unavailable anywhere else. After many years of promising to release the unused footage he collected, Hendrickson finally released the disappointing Inside the Manson Gang in 2007.

IMDB (7.4)

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