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Copycat Killers: Dexter (2016)
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Copycat Killers: Dexter (2016)

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A jury’s guilty verdict put would-be moviemaker Mark Twitchell behind bars for life and concluded one of the most macabre murder stories Edmonton has witnessed.

Mark Twitchell had a movie playing out in his mind in which he cast himself in three starring roles — talented and successful filmmaker, womanizer and, finally, uncatchable killer.

In real life, he lied to everyone, including himself.

He lied to his wife about everything, from his unemployment to his infidelity.

He lied to investors about the stars he lined up for a big-budget movie project when he hadn’t even finished a film.

He lied on the Internet to lure Johnny Altinger to a garage for a date with a woman who didn’t exist.

After he killed him, it took Twitchell more than a year and a half to come up with a lie to explain it on the witness stand.

In the end, no one believed him. He’s now in prison for the rest of his life.

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