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Methamerica (2012)
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Methamerica (2012)

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Spanning the seventeen years of America’s crystal meth epidemic, METHAMERICA delivers a controversial look at a culture transformed by a “brilliant killer”.

Writer/Director Christopher Halligan returns to the American Midwest on a road trip that reveals more than just amber waves of grain – but a scorching methamphetamine epidemic that has destroyed the lives of good folks and the safe communities they grew up in. From town to town, the story becomes eerily familiar – the demon drug, meth, is here to stay.

METHAMERICA paints a stark picture of a country slowly infected by a sinister drug that has taken over communities, destroyed families, and has been virtually ignored by Federal drug programs geared toward the elimination of marijuana. From the Midwest to the Mexican border to Washington D.C., METHAMERICA pulls sharp from the devastation of rural meth abuse to the wider national tragedy, revealing a country devastated by economic hardships, government ineptness, and corporate greed, all culminating in a devastating drug epidemic that has, literally, eaten America alive.

IMDB (9.0)

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