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Downloading the Devil (2006)
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Downloading the Devil (2006)

Crime Stories

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This 40 minute or so documentary covers the murder of Jennifer Blagg and her daughter Abby by Jennifer’s husband. Ostensibly the perfect couple, Michael had a craving for pornography which he satisfied by looking at pictures, apparently of women being dominated. In 21st Century America, most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at this sort of thing, but for God- fearing fire and brimstone type Christians like they were, things are different.

The documentary begins with Michael Blagg coming home after work and finding plenty of blood but no wife or daughter. Facing a perplexing crime scene and not a great deal to go on, detectives soon turn up plenty of clues including a handwritten note by Jennifer pointing towards a fight over the pornography, which was still on Michael’s computer.

IMDB (unrated)

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