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The Mob on the Run (1987)
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The Mob on the Run (1987)

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By Ned Day, Robert Stoldal, KLAS-TV, 1987. History of mob involvement in gambling in Las Vegas, 1931-1980s. Includes segments on Moe Dalitz, Allan Dorfman and the Teamsters Union, Tony “Big Tuna” Acordy and the Atlantic City mob, Frank Rosenthal, Tony Spilotro, and the Chicago mob.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:20 Founding Fathers
0:15:29 The Teamsters Jackpot
0:21:36 Chicago’s Strip Gambit
0:26:30 Big Tuna’s String
0:32:01 The Boys Ride High
0:37:42 The Exorcism Begins
0:55:10 The Feds’ Secret Agenda
1:07:30 A Cold Winter’s “Cleanface”
1:16:47 The Eye of the Octopus
1:27:02 Tough Tony’s Tumble
1:37:20 All Against All
1:43:30 A View to the Future

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