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Montana Meth (2007)
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Montana Meth (2007)

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Be prepared to cringe, cover your eyes and grip your seat if you watch HBO’s documentary on methamphetamine abuse in Montana, which has one of the highest meth use rates in the country.

In a scene from the film, Graham, 16, says meth “is just really available” in Kalispell and the Flathead Valley.

“It’s just so prevalent here,” he says. “It’s the drug to do and it’s not just us punk teenagers. A lot of people are doing this.”

The film follows Graham and 22-year-old Crystal — who says she has used meth for three years — on a snowy night as they drive to a dark corner of a strip-mall parking lot. Crystal injects meth into a vein in her neck.

“I can’t feel my face, yeah, whew, it’s the best feeling the world, yeah, it’s like the biggest rush in the world, you can’t hear for a little bit, can’t breathe, can’t see,” Crystal says in the film. “People don’t understand how we could get addicted to this. But I feel so good right now, better than any sober person has felt their whole entire life, that’s what they don’t know.”

As the scene played out recently on a massive screen set up in the Montana Legislature, giving lawmakers a sneak peak, mouths dropped open and eyes popped. Some wonder how Montana will be perceived when the documentary hits HBO.

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