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Most Infamous – Season 2 (2015)
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Most Infamous – Season 2 (2015)

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Recounting the lives leading up to the gruesome murders of Americas most prolific serial killers, trying to gage what made them want to kill again and again.

IMDB (8.5)

Episode 1: Ear No Evil

Not all serial killers are the same. Some kill for pleasure, others for reward. Cult killer Robert Rozier stalks Miami. He and his associates murder and mutilate on their master’s orders. But one fateful mistake will bring Rozier to justice.

Robert Rozier @ Murderpedia

Robert Rozier @ Wikipedia

Episode 2: Rhoade Rage

A sadistic trucker roams the highways in his mobile torture chamber, hunting for victims. Once they’re under his control, he brutalises and then kills them. But an illegally parked vehicle will prove his downfall…

Episode 3: Bloody Badge

Miami 1986. While a drug war rages, crazed killer Manuel Pardo believes he is on a mission to clean up the streets. Guilty or innocent, no one is safe. The city’s underworld is under siege, but one mistake will bring the killer out of the shadows.

Manuel Pardo @ Murderpedia

Episode 4: Killer Flix

In a quiet coastal community a brutal murderer stalks and kills at random. The police investigation will uncover a hidden world of sadomasochism, double identities and the most terrifying killer of all – a pitiless psychopath hiding in plain sight.


Episode 5: Machete Mangler

When police discover the body of a vagrant, they dismiss it as just another ‘Skid Row’ killing. But when they find a second corpse, then a third, they quickly realise they are dealing with a machete wielding maniac… who won’t stop until he’s caught.

Episode 6: Thrill Her Killer

From the criminal underbelly of a rural town, a sadistic psychopath leaves a trail of destruction. As police discover a wave of vicious murders, investigators rush to track down the culprit. But this killer doesn’t fit any profile they’ve ever seen.

Episode 7: Silent Savage

Police are stunned when they attend the scene of a multiple murder at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Five victims; all strangled within the space of twenty-four hours. So begins a manhunt to catch violent Serial Killer, Daniel Lee Siebert.

Daniel Lee Siebert @ Murderpedia

Daniel Lee Siebert @ Wikipedia

Episode 8: Bloody Bayou Blues

A rural Louisiana community is stunned when police begin to discover the corpses of young, seemingly fit and healthy men. Serial killer, Ronald Dominique stalks the bayous and canals around the town of Houma and it’s down to investigators to catch him.

Ronald Dominique @ Murderpedia

Ronald Dominique @ Wikipedia

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