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Murder in Paradise: Investigation into the Koh Tao Murders (2016)
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Murder in Paradise: Investigation into the Koh Tao Murders (2016)

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Murder in Paradise (Channel 4) was an outrage-inducing exposé of the grubby underbelly of Thai backpacker haven Koh Tao, as evidenced by the bungled police investigation into the double murder of tourists Hannah Witheridge and David Miller in 2014. Director Tom Stone unveiled a grim tale of local corruption, incompetence and cover-up.

The bloodied corpses of Witheridge and Miller were discovered the morning after they took a late-night walk on the beach. A bloodied hoe lay nearby. With local police unable to secure the crime scene, national officers were brought in and DNA evidence discovered. In spite of obvious risks of contamination, these findings were used to locate, charge and convict two Burmese migrants. They now sit on death row.

Allegations swirled of misconduct and forced confessions; of local mafia bosses influencing the investigation; and of a rush to blame outsiders and protect the island’s essential tourist industry. The footage Stone uncovered was startling – especially of a translator stroking the head of one suspect while he struggled to remember details of the crime.

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