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The Murder of Sadie Hartley (2016)
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The Murder of Sadie Hartley (2016)

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The downfall of Sadie Hartley’s murderers was caught on camera as part of a gripping behind-the-scenes documentary. Lancashire Police was being followed by a TV crew when officers received the call to the crime scene at Mrs Hartley’s home in the village of Helmshore on January 14. Cameras then recorded every stage of the investigation as detectives pieced together evidence and unpicked a web of lies before finally unearthing the truth behind the vicious killing. The dramatic footage includes the moment killer Sarah Williams, 35, was charged with murder and when accomplice Katrina Walsh led police to the murder weapons.

The Murder Of Sadie Hartley also features interviews with Mrs Hartley’s daughter Charlotte, who speaks of losing her ‘hero’ mother. In one chilling scene, riding instructor Walsh, 56, is captured sobbing on the floor of the police station as she arrives to be questioned under caution for the first time. She claims to have a three-day memory before telling an officer that she believes her friend Sarah Williams is a ‘psychopath’ and had killed Mrs Hartley. With no hint of emotion, Walsh adds: ‘She wants to take Ian off the b****’, referring to Mrs Hartley’s partner Ian Johnson, with whom Williams had previously had a relationship.

Williams and Walsh were both convicted of murder last month following a seven-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

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