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Murder She Solved: True Crime – Season 2 (2011)
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Murder She Solved: True Crime – Season 2 (2011)

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Murder She Solved: True Crime, an eight-episode, one hour documentary series, tells the true stories of female crime solvers who, against all odds, have solved some of the most daunting murder cases in North America. Combining elements of mystery and intrigue, the series’ unique visual style and riveting storytelling compels viewers to connect the dots as crime-solvers unravel the clues in their journey to solve the crime.

IMDB (7.2)

Episode 1: A Deadly Turn

A loving wife and mother shot in the head in broad daylight. The brutal murder is so baffling even seasoned investigators are stumped. Ten months later, another savage shooting with the same M.O. Is it a gruesome coincidence or are the shootings somehow connected? A relentless female investigator uncovers the shocking link and discovers a tragic tale of murder for hire.

Episode 2: A Race Against Time

A popular teenager is murdered on the grounds of an elementary school. Her ruthless killer gets away. Years later and hundreds of miles away, another woman is viciously stabbed. In his haste to flee the scene, the attacker leaves behind a vital piece of evidence. When DNA links these two assaults, its up to homicide detective Molly Daul to track down this brutal killer before he strikes again.

Episode 3: A Toxic Love

Two mysterious deaths – a cop and a firefighter – cut down in their prime. Intrepid journalist Jane Hansen uncovers a tragic tale of love, betrayal and a cold-blooded killer who almost gets away with it.

Episode 4: A Poisoned Mind

Peggy Carr and two of her sons are rushed to hospital with extreme pain and nausea. Doctors are initially baffled by the trio’s symptoms but when they test positive for a rare and deadly poison, detectives launch an investigation. Forensics indicates someone has tampered with bottles of coke in the Carr family home. Peggy dies in hospital, and Detective Susan Goreck goes undercover to find the killer – with the investigation, and her life, on the line.

Episode 5: Railway Killer

A young man is found murdered beside train tracks and his young girlfriend is missing. Detectives hunt for the killer while frantically searching for the girl, hoping to find her in time – alive. The year-long investigation takes police deep into the seedy underworld of freight train riders, where they suspect a serial killer at work.

Episode 6: Body in a Bag

A body discovered in the shallow waters of an old cement quarry has all the signs of a mob hit. What detectives unravel is far stranger: a twisted relationship between two educated, smart men from good families, that ends in murder.

Episode 7: Deadly Snow

Just months from their 25th wedding anniversary, a gentle North Toronto couple is found brutally murdered for no apparent reason. With all leads exhausted and chance of finding their killing diminishing, police turn to a criminal profiler with the hopes she will help catch a psychopathic on the run.

Episode 8: Cabbie Killer

The brutal murder of two taxi drivers in two days has Austin cabbies fearing for their lives and police are under mounting public pressure to track down the killer. After several eye-witnesses identify a suspect in a photo line-up, police think they have their guy, but with no physical evidence that puts him at the scene, the jury acquits him. The case is shelved until 14 years later when a fingerprint ID breathes life into this cold case.