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My Boyfriend, the Sex Tourist (2007)
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My Boyfriend, the Sex Tourist (2007)

Girlfriend for Sale

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Acclaimed director Monica Garnsey takes us to the other side of the sex industry, through the eyes of working girls. Seen from the women’s point of view, these documentaries reveal how sleeping with foreigners for money has almost become a career choice for many girls from developing countries. A village in Kranuan, in the poorest province of Thailand, is dotted with grand houses – often built by girls who have married foreigners, or at least worked long enough in the sex bars of Bangkok.

The village has an annual competition celebrating the best foreign husband – and one of its most influential women runs the internet cafe, writing emails for girls to communicate with their foreign lovers. My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist: Girlfriend for Sale travels between the village and the sex bars of Bangkok, exploring the hopes, desires and fears of the girls – as they dream of money or moving to Britain or the West – and of course the costs to them and their families. With extraordinary access to the sex bars in Bangkok’s red light district, the film follows bar-girl Fon and unravels the way she and the other bar-girls both co-operate and compete for custom. Each girl has a monthly quota to fill. But Fon doesn’t have to sleep with the customers any more because she is being paid for by a boyfriend, from Birmingham, who she hopes will take her to Britain.

Back in Kranuan, single mother-of-two Lek also thinks a foreign husband is her best way to get her and her children a better life. So she’s spending over half her income in an attempt to find a man on the internet. But as the replies start to dry up she too reluctantly decides to head for the Bangkok red-light district. My Boyfriend the Sex Tourist: Girlfriend for Sale provides an illuminating insight into the lives, fears and motivations of the women so desperate for a better future that they are driven to selling themselves in the search for a foreign husband who they might never find.”

IMDB (6.7/10)