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Myth of a Serial Killer – The Henry Lee Lucas Story (1997)
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Myth of a Serial Killer – The Henry Lee Lucas Story (1997)

American Justice

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American Justice profiles the life of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas from Virginia. Lucas, who killed his mother in 1960, was released from prison in 1970 and went on a killing spree as a drifter. During this time he met up with Ottis Toole and together they killed at least 6 people, but possibly many more. Though Lucas himself was only convicted of 11 murders he would later confess to over 150 killings from across the country. In some cases it made it difficult for investigators to find the real killer because Lucas could seemingly provide intimate details of the killings. Investigators would also name Ottis Toole as the killer of 6 year old Adam Walsh. Adam Walsh was the son of John Walsh, the creator and host of America’s Most Wanted.

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