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Nightmare Next Door (2011)
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Nightmare Next Door (2011)

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Nightmare Next Door is a 2011 television series from co-creators Bethany McMahon and Anne Rothwell that brings viewers chilling stories of real-life crimes that took place in tight-knit American small towns, where these mysterious murders turned a supportive community into a group of scared and untrusting strangers.

In each episode of this riveting series, a ripped-from-the-headlines murder is examined and dramatically re-enacted, showing viewers the shocking event itself and the repercussions the violence had on the surrounding community. American small towns are commonly viewed as the last refuge of simple times.

They offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and a return to an easier way of living, a true neighborhood that’s supposed to be calm, supportive, and safe.

So when the evils of the world make their way to these prosperous communities, the grisly stories are even more unsettling.

Nightmare Next Door is a gripping true crime series that tells the tales of the dark mysteries that wreaked havoc on some of America’s quaintest towns.

Small Town Secret (2014)

When young Kari Nixon goes missing while on a snack run, no one in her upstate New York town can imagine why anyone would harm her. With no body and few clues, detectives struggle to solve the mystery until a twist leads police to an unlikely killer.

IMDB (unrated)

Into the Woods (2015)

When Jessi Evans and Jake Wheeler go fishing – and never come home – the townsfolk of Norris City, IL fear the worst. Then, after Jake’s truck is found at an abandoned house, detectives uncover a twist that rocks this God-fearing community to its core.

IMDB (unrated)

Devils In The Details (2012)

The savage murder of single mother Cindy Pavey rattles the tranquil town of Murphysboro, Illinois. Police investigate a potentially deadly love triangle, but it will take over a decade to harvest the leads necessary to bring her killer to justice.

IMDB (unrated)

Skeletons In The Closet (2011)

When 18 year-old Brittany Loritts is murdered in her North Carolina home, investigators are at a loss as to who would commit such a crime. The case gets hot when investigators find that this family home is built on buried secrets.

IMDB (unrated)

Murder on Main Street (2011)

Bloomsbury is the epitome of small-town America. When Monica Massaro is found viciously murdered in her home, it rocks this town to its core. A tip comes in from 300 miles away to help police hunt down the killer, and the results leave residents shaken.

IMDB (7.3/10)

House of Horror (2012)

Beth Grosskopf was an average resident of an average, quiet little town of Freedom, PA. Grosskopf, a department store employee who was well-liked by fellow workers and customers, had recently deposited $31,000 into her bank account from the sale of some family property. Police theorized money was the motive for the crime: her violent murder. Was it her over-bearing boyfriend? Her live-in renter? Or someone else? Who could hate her enough to stab her 31 times in her own home?

IMDB (6.6/10)

Death in Santa Barbara (2011)

When 27-year-old, Jarrod Davidson, is shot in the doorway of his Santa Barbara apartment, the neighborhood fears there’s an assassin on the loose. As detectives dig deeper into Jarrod’s past, they find out this boy got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

IMDB (7.2/10)

Road to Hell (2012)

The gruesome slaying of adored resident Debra Rawls leaves the town of Summerfield paralyzed in fear. A swath of hooligans quickly deepens the suspect pool, but a speck of blood makes the biggest splash in discovering the true identity of the killer.

IMDB (unrated)

The Truett Street Massacre (2011)

When Austin York, Matt Self, Mark Barbosa, and Rosa Barbosa are found dead in a McKinney, Texas home, detectives embark on a three year investigation. And just when it seems like the murders may never be solved, an eyewitness breaks the case wide open.

IMDB (6.6/10)

Devil in the Desert (2013)

When single gal Adele Curtis meets a terrible end in her Phoenix rental property, detectives delve into a series of suspects to find the killer. But when the search goes cold as a desert night, it takes the dawn of DNA to catch this murderer.

IMDB (unrated)

Sea of Hate (2011)

When Norma Rodriguez’s murder hits the town of Port Hueneme, police are left sorting out suspects in its wake. It will take a capricious witness and 10 years to clean up the damage. When the dust finally settles no one is more suprised than the killer.

IMDB (unrated)

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