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Nothing Personal: Murder For Hire – Season 1 (2011)
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Nothing Personal: Murder For Hire – Season 1 (2011)

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Nothing Personal is a television show that airs on Investigation Discovery in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom hosted by actor Steve Schirripa.

The show is a crime docudrama series that recounts true stories of contract killings. Each episode features a real-life story of a “contract” murder. It explains who was involved, how the crime was committed and the background of the killing.

Nothing Personal has featured episodes about killings with variety of motives including business disputes, fraud, greed, love and vengeance

IMDB (7.8)

Episode 1: Green Widow

Tracing a tale of adultery, greed, and murder for hire, this is the story of Mary Ellen Samuels – a drug-addled femme fatale who first had her husband killed, and, then when her hit man got out of line, hired someone else to whack him, too.

Episode 2: Popping Champagne

Unraveling a story of adultery, drugs, high-power crime, and a crooked gasoline scheme that earned the mob millions of dollars a week, this is the story of why Larry ‘Champagne’ Carrozza got popped.

Episode 3: Roadside Betrayal

Tracing a tale of adultery, greed, deception and murder for hire, this is the story of how a loving wife became a monster, and how, on the shoulder of an Ohio turnpike, Donna Moonda ended her marriage with a bang.

Episode 4: Blood Ties

Retracing a tale of power, greed and betrayal, this is the incredible story of a family at war. Neil and Stewart Woodman hired a group of Las Vegas thugs to kill their own father. And to cover their blood-spattered tracks, they had their mother whacked, too.

Episode 5: Young Guns

What turns an all-American kid into a teenage hit man for a Mexican drug cartel? And how does a top detective put him behind bars? Featuring his first-ever on-camera interview, this is the extraordinary story of Rosalio ‘Bart’ Reta.

Episode 6: Deadly Divorce

Retracing a tale of jealousy, harassment, rage and domination, this is the story of how scheming sociopath Allen Blackthorne hired a hit man to gun down his ex-wife.

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