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Nothing Personal: Murder For Hire – Season 2 (2012)
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Nothing Personal: Murder For Hire – Season 2 (2012)

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Nothing Personal is a television show that airs on Investigation Discovery in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom hosted by actor Steve Schirripa.

The show is a crime docudrama series that recounts true stories of contract killings. Each episode features a real-life story of a “contract” murder. It explains who was involved, how the crime was committed and the background of the killing.

Nothing Personal has featured episodes about killings with variety of motives including business disputes, fraud, greed, love and vengeance

IMDB (7.8)

Episode 1: Turn About Is Fair Play

Michael Kuhnhausen, a Vietnam vet who can’t handle rejection decides to have his estranged wife killed before she can divorce him, but the hitman hired to kill her is the one who ends up dead.

Episode 2: Married to a Rockstar

Todd Garton (played by actor and stuntman Craig Snoyer) an expert manipulator with a vicious streak hatches a sinister plot to murder his wife, Carole Garton.

Episode 3: Femme Fatale

A former escort who enjoys the high life, Dalia Dippolito hatches a deadly scheme to have her own husband murdered.

Episode 4: Money Shot

Gangster brothers ‘Fat’ Tony and Joe ‘the Whale’ Peraino bankroll the classic porn movie Deep Throat. When Joe tries to withhold some of the movie’s profits from his brother and the Mafia’s Colombo crime family, Tony arranges a contract on his own brother and nephew.

Episode 5: Beefcake’s Revenge

Laurence Austin, the owner of Hollywood’s only silent movie theater, becomes worth more dead than alive.

Episode 6: Voodoo Sex Cult

Following the collapse of his business, a broke and desperate Mark Foster, hatches a bizarre plan involving a soul transfer and a deadly bullet resulting in his own murder.