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The OAP Killer – First Kill / Last Kill (2014)
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The OAP Killer – First Kill / Last Kill (2014)

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The OAP Killer – First Kill Last Kill: In the summer of 1986, the elderly population of south London were terrified by reports that a serial killer was targeting them in their homes. In just 17 weeks, Kenneth Erskine, the Stockwell Strangler, embarked on a spree of sexual assault and murder that shocked Britain.

In this film, eminent criminologist Professor David Wilson a former prison governor and expert on serial killers, explores the difference between Erskine’s first and last kills in an effort to understand what triggered these crimes and how he was caught. Professor Wilson believes that Erskine was suffering from gerontophilia, a sexual predilection for the elderly. Erskine was released from Feltham in July 1980, but it was not until six years later that he claimed his first victim.

On 8th April 1986, he broke into the Wandsworth home of 78 year-old retired school teacher Nancy Emms. Once she was dead, he tucked her up in bed under the covers and lovingly crossed her hands on her chest, a routine which became his trademark and implied that he cared for his victims. Erskine went on to kill another five times, always leaving the scenes in a similar state but becoming more frenzied as the police tightened their search.

With the aid of dramatic reconstruction, first-time interviews from relatives, friends and neighbours of the deceased, psychiatrists, journalists and the police detectives who covered the case, Professor Wilson reveals the differences between Erskine’s first kill and his last, and how his eventual carelessness led to his capture.

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