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One Deadly Weekend In America (2017)
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One Deadly Weekend In America (2017)


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What is it? A feature-length documentary about the gun-related deaths that occurred during a single weekend last year.

Why you’ll love it: Look, you’re not going to love this one. Once you’ve watched it, it will be a long time before you’ve rebuilt the stamina to watch it again. This is a gruelling, harrowing, powerful documentary about dozens of lives that were cut short over a single 48-hour period. It’s incredibly hard to take, but that’s probably the point.

In one weekend in July 2015 – by all accounts, a perfectly unremarkable one – 87 people across the US were killed in incidences of gun violence, with a further 197 injured. As someone states early on, that’s Sandy Hook three times over.

Methodically, this documentary sets about revisiting some of those incidents. Some are gang related. Some are arguments that escalated beyond all measure. Some stem from mental illness, other from police ineptitude. Some are simple, tragic accidents. They happen in Los Angeles, in Arizona, in South Dakota. They are disparate and unrelated, save for the type of weapon responsible for each death. The calm, patient way that the documentary unfolds suggests a systemic problem at the heart of America. It suggests an epidemic.

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