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One Killer Punch (2016)
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One Killer Punch (2016)

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Punching – it’s what men do to each other isn’t it? When they’re angry, or jealous, or drunk, or they just don’t know the words. It’s just normal animal behaviour, what Jeremy Clarkson does when his dinner’s the wrong temperature. But – as this disturbing documentary, One Killer Punch (Channel 4), demonstrates – it can mean the end of someone’s life.

“I’m not a violent person,” says Ben, before immediately contradicting himself. “After I punched him, you see me on CCTV, I went back to the party, felt really bad.” Ben was involved in a fracas outside a house party. He was about to get stuck into one boy when George intervened – to stop them fighting, say George’s friends. But Ben says George was shoving him in the chest, then clenched his fist, was just about to hit him, and it was only then that Ben punched him, in self-defence.

George went down. Got up again, went home, but the next morning he was found unconscious in bed, bleeding from the nose and mouth. He died in hospital, aged 17…