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One Minute to Nine (2007)
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One Minute to Nine (2007)

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In May 2005, in Grants Pass, Oregon, Wendy Maldonado was arrested and charged with the murder of her husband, Aaron. According to Wendy Maldonado, the incident took place after almost 20 years of violent domestic abuse committed by Aaron against his wife and their four sons. Days later her eldest son, Randall (known as Randy), was arrested for his part in the killing. In 2006, a plea bargain led Wendy and Randy to plead guilty to the reduced charges of manslaughter. Wendy was sentenced to 120 months imprisonment and Randy to 75 months imprisonment. Before sentencing, Randy was detained in jail while Wendy was allowed home on bail to take care of her other three children.

The film follows Wendy in the final days before she begins her sentence and includes home video footage of the family over the years of the Maldonado’s marriage, and interviews with friends, family members and neighbors, some of whom witnessed the domestic abuse.

IMDB (7.7)