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Oswald’s Ghost (2007)
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Oswald’s Ghost (2007)

American Experience

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More than fifty years after his death, a majority of Americans continue to believe the the 46-year-old president’s murder was the result of a conspiracy. Did Lee Harvey Oswald, a twenty-four-year-old former marine and communist sympathizer, act alone? Was he influenced by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro or a rogue element of the CIA? Did the KGB or the Russian government order the killing?

Acclaimed director Robert Stone offers and unprecedented deconstruction of the assassination of President Kennedy, uncovering how this single event forever changed the face of American culture and why it continues to plague the nation’s psyche.

The film features interviews with authors Norman Mailer, Edward Jay Epstein, politician Gary Hart, news anchor Dan Rather, activist Tom Hayden, attorney Mark Lane, and others. Using a wealth of archival material, much of it never before publicly seen or heard, Stone chronicles America’s fifty year obsession with the pivotal event of a generation.

IMDB (6.7)

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