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Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil – Season 1 (2016)
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Pandora’s Box: Unleashing Evil – Season 1 (2016)

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Pandora’s Box explores what happens when a garden-variety crime ignites a startling chain of events and unravels a tangled web of terror. Just when authorities think they’ve cracked the case, a new detail reveals they’ve only scratched the surface.

IMDB (8.5)

Episode 1: “Dungeon of Dread”

When an off-duty police officer in San Francisco happens upon a minor theft at a lumberyard one Sunday afternoon, he unwittingly jumpstarts an investigation into one of California’s deadliest, most depraved serial killers: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.

Charles Ng @ Murderpedia

Leonard Lake @ Murderpedia

Episode 2: “Tainted Love”

In the fall of 1994, an elementary school principal is found tied to a tree outside Oklahoma City, launching a nationwide manhunt for Franklin Delano Floyd, and exposing a staggering, decades-long reign of terror and abuse.

Franklin Delano Floyd @ Murderpedia

Franklin Delano Floyd @ Wikipedia

Episode 3: “Heat of the Night”

In El Dorado County, CA, firefighters combatting a raging fire discover a burnt out SUV with the charred remains of a beloved local man reported missing just hours earlier, igniting an investigation into a sinister scheme, and exposing a deadly affair.

Episode 4: “Married to Death”

After a wild Christmas party, Ed Amos wakes to find his wife, Bobbe dead from an apparent cocaine overdose. When her toxicology report suggests foul play, detectives dig into their pasts to uncover greed, secret love affairs, and suspicious deaths.

Lowell Edwin Amos @ Murderpedia

Lowell Amos @ Wikipedia

Episode 5: “Death Wish”

A park ranger in Texas pulls over a suspicious truck filled with marijuana. The passenger flees deep into the desert, unleashing a manhunt that will unearth something far more sinister–and bizarre–than detectives could ever have imagined.

Episode 6: “Bait and Kill”

When Air Force veteran Michael Giles disappears from the quiet Dallas suburb of Garland, what appears to be a straightforward missing persons case quickly morphs into a jigsaw puzzle of mistaken identity, fraud, and murder.

Kwaneta Yatrice Harris pleads guilty in middle of murder trial, gets 50 years

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