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Prisoners of a White God (2008)
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Prisoners of a White God (2008)

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Prisoners of a White God (Czech: Zajatci Bílého Boha) is a Czech documentary about the Akha people, produced and distributed by Twin Star in September 2008. The documentary is about a Czech researcher, Tomáš Ryška, who goes to the Thai and Laotian mountains in order to search and document the causes of wrongdoing and violence done to the indigenous peoples and their children by Christian missionaries.
According to the film, the good intentions of converting these indigenous people to the “true” religion hide the human rights violations of theft of land, forced relocation, cultural genocide and imposition of power with a racist view on their society. The crimes which the Christian missionaries are accused of include kidnapping of children from their villages to work in tea plantations and the selling of children into the sex trade. The documentary contrasts the apparent wealth and cleanliness of the missionary with the undercover child trafficking that they carry out. One missionary is seen expressing regret over the revelation of this reality to the outside world as a threat to the continuing work of their organizations among these people.

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