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Risk (2016)
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Risk (2016)

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Every time Julian Assange appears in Laura Poitras’s new documentary, Risk, there’s a distinct impression of his quiet thrill at being on camera. His eyes constantly dart toward the lens whenever he’s being filmed, whether he’s chatting to his cohorts at Wikileaks, donning an elaborate disguise (including different-colored contact lenses) to evade public attention, or loudly mocking the accusations of sexual assault made against him by two Swedish women. He has the bearing of a paranoid man, understandably enough, but there’s also a constant performative element to his behavior. Even as he’s hiding out from various authorities, it feels like Assange wants to be watched.

Risk is an incredibly gripping work, one made with an unprecedented level of access to Assange, but for all its intimacy, it still struggles to nail down its target. Instead, it’s more a story of Poitras herself, and the evolution of the movie she set out to make about Assange, who founded Wikileaks in 2006. She’s upfront about this approach throughout the movie, providing sporadic voice-over narration about her changing view of Assange during the years she spent filming him and other members of Wikileaks. “I thought I could ignore the contradictions,” she intones. “I thought they were not part of the story. I was wrong. They’re becoming the story.”


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