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Robert Napper: The Plumstead Ripper (2014)
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Robert Napper: The Plumstead Ripper (2014)

Born To Kill

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He probably watched her for a little while.

Almost certainly, he would have walked towards her at first, just to check her face. Maybe he even smiled.This was the way Robert Napper stalked his prey before turning back to pounce on them from behind, usually with a knife at their throat.

Sometimes, in the dark, he would spy on them for hours in what they assumed was the privacy of their homes.But here on Wimbledon Common, he selected his victim in the full glare of a summer day. Rachel Nickell was 23, blonde and beautiful, an ex-model and devoted young mother.

Napper had got to know the common well, often cycling there or catching the bus from his home on the other side of South London. He was meant to be at work that morning but he never turned up. At 10.20am, on July 15, 1992, he had other business in mind.

The only person who knows precisely what happened next is Robert Clive Napper – serial rapist, psychopath, monster. But the scene he left behind is seared into public consciousness as one of the most grotesque and baffling killings ever known.


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