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The Butcher Boy (2013)
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The Butcher Boy (2013)

Countdown To Murder

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This episode explores the case of Roderick Newall, who killed his wealthy parents and then enlisted the help of his elder brother, Mark, to cover it up. What was the motive and the trigger for murder?
On the beautiful island of Jersey, the wealthy Newall family represented the epitome of success. Eldest son Roderick was a handsome Royal Green Jackets lieutenant, while his younger brother Mark was a financier.

On the night of 10th October 1987, parents Nicholas and Elizabeth Newall went out to dinner with their sons to celebrate Elizabeth’s 48th birthday. It was the last time they were seen alive. Sometime during that evening, they were bludgeoned to death at their home and their bodies removed, leaving only bloodstains behind. Their two sons declared them missing persons.
But in 1988, police discovered the remains of a bonfire near the family home with burnt, blood-spattered clothing and other belongings of the Newalls. Forensic experts at the bungalow then discovered cleaned up bloodstains in the sitting room and bedroom, which led police to believe that the couple had been murdered.

Despite extensive searches, the bodies could not be found. Three years after their murder, Nicholas and Elizabeth were officially declared dead and the brothers inherited almost a million pounds. But in 1992, Roderick Newall was tricked into a tape-recorded confession by his father’s twin brother. After giving police the slip, he was eventually arrested in dramatic fashion while sailing his boat.

After fighting extradition from Gibraltar for 14 months, he was brought back to Jersey, where he took police to the spot in Greve de Lecqwoods where he and his brother had buried their parents’ bodies. While Roderick confessed to both murders, Mark was only charged with conspiring to cover up the killing.

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Parents’ killer to be freed after 13 years @

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