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Ross Kemp in Search of Pirates (2009) – Mini Series
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Ross Kemp in Search of Pirates (2009) – Mini Series

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The world’s waters are vital to global trade.

Ninety percent of the world’s trade is moved by sea, more than 10 million cargo containers are moving across the world’s oceans at any one time, yet it is the least policed environment on the planet. It is in this vacuum that today’s pirates flourish, seizing vessels to order, holding hostages for massive ransom fees and using extreme violence.

Today’s pirates are armed to the teeth with knives, heavy machine guns, rocket propelled grenades and sophisticated radio systems, meaning that pirates are the key players in a multi-million dollar business increasingly seen as one of the biggest, yet least publicised, threats to global security. And the problem is getting worse.

From the Caribbean to the Horn of Africa to the South China Seas, pirate attacks have increased by almost 70 per cent since 2000. More than three thousand pirate attacks have been reported.

Building on the success of his acclaimed report on the recent troubles in Kenya, this new series of travelogues sees Ross Kemp journey across three continents to the world’s worst piracy hotspots in search of the men responsible for bringing a reign of terror to the high seas.

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Episode 1 – “Somalia”

Episode 2 – “Nigeria”

Episode 3 – “SE Asia”

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