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Satan’s Choice (1966)

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This is a fascinating National Film Board documentary about the Satan’s Choice motorcycle gang. What makes it so interesting is that they are not a gang (yet). At this point, 1966, they are apparently just an extension of radical 1960’s youth culture. The “club” members view themselves as counter-culture rebels, which perhaps comes as no surprise, but they are staunchly opposed to the crass commercialism of conventional society, or so they say. It’s possible to read the members as working-class, left-wing idealists striving to recreate some simpler society. Loafing layabouts is another way to take them. They talk a lot about how in a couple of years they will have to settle down, get married, and get proper jobs, but for the time being they are busy drinking beer at the clubhouse (out of old-style Canadian stubbies) and racing their motorcycles up dirt tracks on hillsides. Just kids having fun before they grow up.

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