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Save Gangamaya (2016)
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Save Gangamaya (2016)

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In Nepal, the state’s unwillingness to guarantee justice and accountability has posed a serious obstacle to postconflict rule of law and respect for human rights. During the country’s internal armed conflict between 1996 and 2006, 13,000 people lost their lives, 1,300 disappeared, and thousands more were tortured or displaced. Although the peace process has been formally concluded and a new constitution was adopted in August, transitional justice and its mechanisms remain unaddressed.

The case of Nanda Prasad Adhikari illustrates the level of institutionalized impunity. Adhikari died on September 22, 2014, while fasting with his wife for 300 days in a demand for justice for the murder of his younger son, Krishna. Adhikari’s body, which his family refuses to receive until his killer is brought to trial, remains in the mortuary of Tribhuwan University Teaching Hospital. Since Nanda Prasad’s death, his wife, Gangamaya, continues her hunger strike. Though her health is deteriorating, the government refuses to address their calls for justice.

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