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The Scorecard Killer (2014)
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The Scorecard Killer (2014)

Killers: Behind the Myth

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When police see a car weaving between lanes on a Californian highway late one night, they pull the car over. In the driver’s seat is Randy Kraft. In the passenger seat is a dead body. In the boot is a list of names, and under the seat is a collection of photos of what look like dead bodies on a sofa.

A former military airman, Kraft targeted marines and gay men, routinely sodomising and emasculating them before he killed them. The torture his victims endured became more and more extreme. A computer programmer with a high IQ, Kraft to this day maintains his innocence and despite the extensive evidence against him, denies killing anyone.

He is currently appealing his death sentence in the Federal courts. Kraft now sits on Death Row in the infamous San Quentin prison, convicted of 16 counts of murder. Known as the “Scorecard Killer” because of a piece of paper he kept believed to be a death list of victims, conservative estimates allege he has killed at least 50 more. Others put his total body count at over 100.

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