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The Sex Worker Murders (2006)
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The Sex Worker Murders (2006)

Forensic Investigators (S03E11)

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A semi-naked body of a woman was discovered in August 2002 beside a police station in the Brisbane suburb of Hendra. She’d suffered multiple stab wounds to much of her body. Within hours investigators knew the victim’s identity. Her name was Jasmin Crathern, a local prostitute who’d spent many years working the streets of Brisbane’s notorious red light district in Fortitude Valley.
Although they knew the victim, discovering the identity of her killer would prove far more difficult. The only clues left at the scene were some dusty shoe and tyre prints, and initially investigators had no luck tracing this forensic evidence to a suspect.

Then, a few months later, another prostitute from the Valley was found stabbed to death. But this time the victim, Julie McColl, had been tied up bondage-style. Was there a serial killer stalking Brisbane’s street workers? Or were there two vicious murderers on the loose?

Detectives would only uncover the truth after many months of painstaking investigation, during which they befriended Brisbane’s street workers, met up with bondage devotees, and tracked down a unique Mitsubishi Ute that held many of the answers they’d been searching for.

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Francis Fahey @ Murderpedia

Francis Michael Fahey made his living as a paramedic before he was convicted of the murder of two Brisbane sex workers @

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