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Little Girl Lost (2017)
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Little Girl Lost (2017)

Cold Case Files 2017

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Shauna Howe, 11 years old, was walking home from a Girl Scouts Halloween party in Oil City, Pennsylvania and was two blocks from home when she was abducted at the corner of West First and Reed streets. Two days later, a member of Howe’s family found a piece of Howe’s gymnast costume near an abandoned railroad bed in a rural, wooded area in Rockland, Pennsylvania. Despite a search of the area the day before, Howe’s body was found about 200 yards from where the clothing was found the next morning. Howe’s abductors had thrown her from a railroad trestle into a dry, rocky creek bed near Coulter’s Hole in Rockland; she died of blunt force trauma to the head and chest resulting from the fall.

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