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Shotgun Joe (ca. 1970)
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Shotgun Joe (ca. 1970)

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This is a cinema verite-style documentary film about convicted felon Joe Scanlan, nicknamed “Shotgun Joe”, who was serving time for armed robbery in the Conneticut State Reformatory. The film follows Scanlan in prison and his interaction with prisoners, staff, and family. The Interviews reveal him as a likable, flamboyant, pathetic, young man moving toward his own destruction. A classic study of juvenile delinquincy, by director Eric Camiel for the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Prisons.

“Shotgun Joe” became “Joey Onions” Scanlon and was later shot and killed in a 1982 mob hit. The guy who killed him confessed on his deathbed and Scanlon’s remains were found in 2009.

Remains of Joseph “Joe Onion” Scanlon identified

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