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Six (2003)
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Six (2003)

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A young family left the crime-ridden city of Miami and settled in Tennessee to raise their two children free from violence. Or so they thought. On a sunny day on April 6, 1997, the Lillelid family met its death at the hands of a group of troubled teenagers from Kentucky. The Lillelids were Jehovah’s Witnesses, fresh from a convention in Johnson City and anxious to win new converts for their faith. The teenagers were a group of outcasts from Pikeville, Kentucky, on the run after getting into trouble in their hometown

The Lillelids were kidnapped at a rest stop on Interstate 81 and taken to an isolated country road, where they were shot. The father, Vidar Lillelid, a recent immigrant from Sweden, was shot first. After him came his wife Delfina, and their six-year-old daughter Tabitha and two-year-old son Peter. Only Peter survived, though he was blinded by a gunshot wound..

The documentary will tell the story of the killers, led by 18-year-old Natasha Cornett (a self-described “daughter of Satan”), who stole the Lillelid’s van and headed for Mexico, where they were caught at the border and returned to Tennessee. They were later convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole.

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