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Skeleton Stories (2006)
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Skeleton Stories (2006)

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Skeleton Stories: Anthropologists are forensic scientists who specialize in studying bones and can deduce age, gender, height, race, medical history and manner of death. In Skeleton Stories watch as these anthropologists help police solve many complex cases and even discover secrets from the past from archaeological bones revealing the clues that are left behind in the skeletal remains.

IMDB (7.8)

Suicide and Suspicion

A 3-year old boy found wandering in a parking lot has witnessed a murder.

Black Magic

A raid on a botanica in New Jersey reveals a basement with an altar of cauldrons filled with blood and human remains, and a forensic anthropologist is consulted.

Body of Evidence

Police unearth the mummified body of a 2-year-old 25 years after her suspicious death; a mentally challenged woman is murdered.

Foul Play

Two boys find a 9-year-old girl’s body in a creek two years after she had disappeared; an anonymous caller’s tip leads a detective to a human skull, an arm bone and two ribs in a rural field.

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