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The Staircase II: The Last Chance (2013)
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The Staircase II: The Last Chance (2013)

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None has forgotten the shock Michael Peterson’s verdict caused, sentencing him to die behind bars, without any solid proof for his supposed crime. 2010, ten years after Kathleen Peterson’s death, a new dramatic turn of events: an unprecedented scandal implicates both the forensics laboratory of the police department of North Carolina, and Duane Deaver, its chief. Accused of having lied in order to win his cases, Deaver is summoned to court to justify his testimony in the Peterson trial. If David Rudolph can prove Deaver perjured himself, Michael Peterson can be freed and would have the right to a retrial.

IMDB (7.4)

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  • Merino

    I don’t know guy’s
    That fucker played with evidence and flat out lied, no brain injury, no fracture of the skull, the splatter’s don’t match up = reasonable doubt in my book, do I believe that she was ok with his bisexuality…nope.
    What women would be that touches the core of her feminity as a person as for her scars she fell down what 4 or five steps…shit I fell down a scaflle from 25 feet down in brick scrap and all I had was a broken knee and tibia and a few minor scars. go figure

    • Spagyeti

      The blood splatter “expert” did seem rather ridiculous, I’m amazed the jury seemed to give his testimony so much weight but I guess that’s down to the edit we saw.
      The defence’s version of her fall did seem to match up better to the evidence, with her head hitting the door frame accounting for two of the four wounds to the back of her head. As for the two wounds on the right, they just had those happen when she fell down again. As bizarre as it sounds, there is a theory that she was attacked by an owl and the injuries do look like they could have been made by talons. A few small owl feathers were also found in her hair, so it may not be that far fetched a theory.

  • Spagyeti

    A few months ago he ended up taking one of the options outlined by his lawyer at the end of the film. Peterson pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge, without admitting guilt and was given a sentence he’d already served.

  • Lyn Ruby Mads Croughan

    I seriously cannot tell if he,s guilty or not , i dont think either side proved without reasonable doubt if he did or not , but i dont beleive she fell down the stairs the injuries are just too much.

  • suwooba

    There’s something off about Michael Peterson. He seemed phony in almost every scene he was in, even when talking with his kids. Now, I am not convinced he is guilty, although I am leaning toward it. Her injuries were just too horrible for a fall. Too many lacerations and too much blood. What I found questionable is the time on the 911 call where the dispatcher is saying “hello?” “hello?” and all you hear is Peterson breathing and moving around. What was he doing in that time frame?